Maritime Survey by ON TIME

The term maritime survey immediately springs to mind when we think of the inspection of ships, but the inspection of their cargo is also covered by this term. Whether the cargo is still on board or has already been unloaded from the ship, the ON TIME Quay team specialises in this type of goods inspection.

But not every inspection is the same, because there are different types of survey:

  • Counting: During a counting, the ON TIME quay forwarder inspects together with customs whether goods present in a warehouse or on quay fully correspond with the supplied documents such as packing lists and invoices.
  • Cargo survey: This involves assistance with the loading of bulk goods on a seagoing vessel. A freight forwarder will make sure that the goods are not damaged, that everything is loaded accordingly. The entire process is documented with photos that are forwarded to the customer.
  • Survey at unloading: Identical to the survey at loading but with the unloading of the bulk goods. Here, too, the quay forwarder will monitor the entire process and take the necessary photos for the customer.
  • Sampling on board of a ship: In this type of survey, a freight forwarder picks up samples on board the ship. Samples taken are then taken to a lab.
  • Container damage survey: It sometimes happens that a container of goods gets damaged and even then ON TIME experts come to provide assistance. In this case they will see to it that all goods are transferred from a damaged container to a new container.  Afterwards the new container number is passed on to the customer together with the new seal number.

Why use the services of ON TIME and not just send your own employee to keep an eye on everything? Not only do our professionals know the port inside out, they also have the necessary knowledge, so they know exactly what needs attention, what can and should be done. Just like your own employee perhaps, but you can undoubtedly use them more efficiently to look after your company’s core activities. Moreover, you can count on the continuity and drive of the entire ON TIME Kaai team, a central digital follow-up and on- the-spot reporting.

Do you want a smart solution and the right know-how for your survey checks? Then choose the ON TIME expertise and carry out your surveys with quality!

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