New address Courtrai

A year and a half ago we made plans for a new distribution centre with offices in Courtrai. This expansion is an important part of the further expansion of our Benelux distribution network.

In order to support growth, we urgently needed more space. Today the time has come, and we are taking our new site into use.

From now on we have 10 loading docks with 4,500m² of warehouse space at our disposal. Goods are sorted by route every night here. Every day an average of 12 trucks, 12 delivery vans and 2 furniture vans depart from here.

Of course, a lot of goods are also processed that find a transit to our other distribution centres.

The offices are also moving to the new building. Here there is room for 15 employees, the beating dispatch heart of ON TIME Distribution.

In line with our company philosophy, we opted for optimal sustainability of the building and ergonomics for the employees. For example, the entire hall is well isolated and we opted for a climate ceiling in the offices for optimum ventilation and heat control. Employees have height-adjustable desks so that they can work alternately standing and sitting down.

In short, we are proud of this extension and ready to grow further.

With 24-hour delivery, excellent service, tailor-made solutions and open communication, we are the ideal partner for companies with a diverse range of products. For companies that have a combination of pallets, lengths of goods, packages and even goods on coat racks to transport, we are unbeatable. In our distribution centre, sorting is done manually, which means that even delicate and oversized goods are in good hands.

All shipments can be followed up online in real time with the estimated time of delivery.

Do you have pallets, lengths, hanging material and packages that need to be delivered in the Benelux? Then choose ON TIME Distribution and we will make sure your shipments are delivered in one go.

Our new site is now on:

Noordlaan 5 bus 4

8501 Heule