We have a suitable solution for every online store

These days, more and more use is being made of online stores and home deliveries.  Do you have an online store, but are no longer able to meet the demand for home deliveries? We’re there for you!

Let’s look together at what you want to send and which of our services you can use:

Do you only have parcels (e.g. you mainly sell clothes)? In that case our ‘connect’ product is an ideal solution.

We pick up the shipments from you and connect them in the most suitable network. This could be our own network, but it could also be Bpost, PostNL, DHL, UPS, Fedex/TNT. This depends on the desired delivery time, dimensions and destination.

The shipment is created on our online portal (we can also upload addresses in bulk etc). In the evening we check the shipments and prepare them for the ‘right’ network. 

Do you have packaged parcels, pallets or large shipments (e.g. > 1.5 metres)? If so, we have a 24-hour distribution network in the Benelux for you. This enables us to deliver to both companies and private individuals. We can also send an e-mail around 10 pm with your details to the end customer stating the expected delivery times for the next day. The recipient can track his shipment online in real time.

This includes items that are difficult to package and therefore cannot be sent via regular distribution networks. ON TIME Logistics can transport such goods from A to B with a dedicated service using the most appropriate vehicle. Our fleet has both small vans and large trucks with trailers. 

Do you have different addresses to deliver in a certain ’round’? ON TIME Logistics can supply a driver with a vehicle. This can also be a refrigerated vehicle to distribute meal boxes, for example. The choice is yours: either we take the most efficient route, or you can also choose the order of deliveries. 

Do you have parcels or documents that need to be delivered within the city? Our unique ‘City network’ with 5 pick-up-delivery rounds a day enables us to deliver your shipment within 2 hours. Both private individuals and companies.