Optimise your mail processes

Even though we are fully committed to digitising our communications, millions of items still leave by post every day, registered or otherwise. The preparation, handling and follow-up of this takes a lot of time and organisation.

Optimise your mail with ON TIME Logistics. We can print, sort, envelope, frank and send your mail. Or simply collect the unstamped mail, frank it and deliver it to the post office the same day. Each service available separately or combined. You receive 1 invoice a month and are relieved of all the concerns.

Our large mail volume means that we can offer advantageous rates that you benefit from. Not only do you have fewer worries, but you also spend less money on processing your mail.

Some examples of mail items we process on a daily basis:


There are nothing but advantages to having ON TIME take care of your mail processing:

Your mail processed correctly without any worries

To relieve you of all or some of your worries? From data file to mailbox… we’ll take care of it!

Would you like to print the mail and envelope it yourself? No problem. We pick up your mail, frank it properly, take care of your registered mail and send it. You can also monitor the status of registered mail online.

Easy and cheaper!

How does it work?


Leave your mail processing to specialists?

Contact ON TIME today and we will send you a quote tailored to your needs.

    How do you send your mail now?

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    Monthly spending on mail

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